Journey to Castle Combe Village

Discover the enchanting village of Castle Combe, nestled in the picturesque Cotswolds. This guide will show you how to reach this idyllic gem, conveniently located near Bath.

View of the high street Cotswolds cottages in Castle Combe Village, North Wiltshire, UK – How to get to Castle Combe - Photo by Olivier Collet | Castle Combe England

Castle Combe is a quintessentially English village located in the southern part of the Cotswolds, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wiltshire, England. The village is renowned for its picturesque streets lined with traditional Cotswold stone houses and has often been referred to as "the Prettiest Village in England".

Castle Combe Map – Castle Combe Village Cotswolds Wiltshire UK Location – Manor House, Castle Inn, White Hart Pub Market Cross

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Where is Castle Combe?

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Castle Combe is situated approximately 12 miles northwest of the historic city of Bath and about 5 miles northwest of Chippenham. The village is nestled in a picturesque valley and surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful and scenic getaway. With its charming Cotswold stone houses and quaint streets, Castle Combe captures the essence of traditional English village life.

To reach Castle Combe and fully immerse yourself in its idyllic charm, consider the following detailed travel options:

By Car

Car and figure on a foggy night – How to get to Castle Combe - Photo by Donny Jniag | Castle Combe England

Photo by Donny Jiang

Driving to Castle Combe offers flexibility and convenience, especially if you plan to explore the surrounding Cotswolds. When travelling by car:

  • From London, take the M4 motorway westward.

  • Exit at Junction 17 for Chippenham or Junction 18 for Bath.

  • Follow local roads and signage to Castle Combe Village.

  • Parking is available in the village at a pay-and-display car park on Dunns Lane in Upper Castle Combe.

  • Get directions here

Tip: Make sure to have some coins with you for parking meters as some may not accept card payments.

By Train

Steam train on Glen Finnan Viaduct in Scotland – How to get to Castle Combe - Photo by Jack Anstey | Castle Combe England

Photo by Jack Anstey

If you prefer train travel, services from London Paddington run regularly to nearby Chippenham and Bath:

  • Chippenham Station is closer, about 5 miles away from the village.

  • Bath Spa Station is around 10 miles away but offers more frequent services.

  • Train timetables can be found here

Upon arrival at either station, you can complete your journey by taxi or pre-arranged local transportation.

By Bus

Busses in a bus station – How to get to Castle Combe - Photo by CHUTTERSNAP | Castle Combe England


While bus services to Castle Combe may not be as frequent or direct, they can offer a scenic route into the village:

  • Check local bus timetables for services running to Castle Combe from surrounding areas like Chippenham.

  • Be aware that rural bus services can be infrequent, especially on weekends and public holidays.

  • Wiltshire bus timetables can be found here

Local Taxi Services

Taxis can be booked from Chippenham or Bath if you're arriving by train or need a lift from a nearby location. This option is more costly but provides door-to-door service.

Cycling or Walking

For those who enjoy active travel, you can cycle or even walk from nearby towns if you're up for an adventure. The rolling hills of the Cotswolds provide stunning scenery along the way.

Exploring Castle Combe

Once you arrive, explore the village's iconic Market Cross and St. Andrew's Church, which dates back to the 13th century. The church is known for its faceless clock, one of the oldest working clocks in the country. Don't miss walking along the picturesque By Brook River and visiting the village's historic Manor House.

Tip: Consider visiting outside of peak tourist times to fully appreciate the tranquillity and beauty of Castle Combe without the crowds.


Cotswolds cottages near the Manor House in Castle Combe Village, North Wiltshire, UK – Photo by George Ciobra | Castle Combe England

Photo by George Ciobra

Should you wish to extend your visit, Castle Combe offers delightful accommodation options ranging from bed and breakfasts to luxury stays at The Manor House Hotel, providing a perfect base to explore further into the Cotswolds.

Before setting off on your journey to Castle Combe, always check for the latest travel advisories and updates to ensure the smoothest trip possible. Enjoy the timeless allure of this beautiful English village!


How do I get to Castle Combe?

To get to Castle Combe, you can take different transportation options depending on your starting point. If you're driving, Castle Combe is located in Wiltshire, England. You can use GPS or follow directions from nearby towns like Chippenham or Bath. Alternatively, you can take public transportation by train to Chippenham station and then hire a taxi or use the local bus service to reach Castle Combe.

What is the average travel time from Castle Combe to Chippenham?

The travel time from Chippenham to Castle Combe is around 15 minutes by car or taxi, as it is approximately 6 miles apart. Limited bus services are also available, taking about 20-30 minutes depending on the route and stops.

What is the typical travel duration from Castle Combe to Bath?

The travel time from Bath to Castle Combe varies depending on the transportation mode. By car or taxi, it takes about 30 minutes for the 12-mile distance. If using public transportation, take a train from Bath Spa station to Chippenham, the nearest station to Castle Combe. Then, arrange additional transportation like a taxi or bus to reach Castle Combe. The total travel time can range from 1.5 to 2 hours.

What is the expected travel duration from Castle Combe to Bristol?

The travel time from Bristol to Castle Combe can vary depending on transportation and traffic. It usually takes around 35 minutes by car or taxi via A420, but it may be longer during busy times. Public transportation, such as buses, can take 1.5 to 2 hours with transfers and waiting times.

How long does it take to travel from Castle Combe to London?

The travel time from London to Castle Combe varies depending on the mode of transportation. By car or taxi, it generally takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to cover the 110-mile distance, considering traffic and route. Public transportation involves taking a train from London Paddington to Chippenham, the nearest station, and arranging alternative transport like a taxi or bus to reach Castle Combe. The total travel time ranges from 2.5 to 3 hours.

What is the nearest airport to Castle Combe?

The nearest airport to Castle Combe is Bristol Airport, located approximately 30 miles away. From the airport, you can hire a rental car or take a taxi to reach Castle Combe.

Are there any guided tours available for Castle Combe?

Yes, there are guided tours available for Castle Combe. You can find local tour operators or check with the tourist information centre in Chippenham for recommended tours. These tours provide insightful information about the history and attractions of Castle Combe.

Can I walk or cycle to Castle Combe?

Yes, Castle Combe can be reached by walking or cycling, depending on your starting point. The village is surrounded by beautiful countryside, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. There are designated footpaths and cycling routes leading to Castle Combe, allowing you to enjoy the scenic surroundings.

Is there parking available in Castle Combe?

Yes, there is parking available in Castle Combe. The village has a car park where visitors can park their vehicles. However, please note that parking may be limited during peak tourist seasons, so it's advisable to arrive early or consider alternative transportation options if possible.

Is there any accommodation available in Castle Combe?

Yes, there are several accommodation options available in and around Castle Combe. The village itself has a charming inn and a luxury hotel offering overnight stays. Additionally, you can find various bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, and holiday cottages in the surrounding area.

What are the must-visit attractions in Castle Combe?

Castle Combe is known for its picturesque beauty and historic charm. Some of the must-visit attractions include the Castle Combe Circuit, where you can watch motorsport events, the village's medieval Market Cross, the St Andrew's Church, and the idyllic Bybrook River. The village also offers scenic walks and opportunities to explore the countryside.

Are there any restaurants or cafes in Castle Combe?

Yes, Castle Combe has a few restaurants, cafes, and tearooms where you can enjoy a meal or refreshments. These establishments offer a range of cuisines, including traditional British dishes and international options. It's recommended to check their opening hours in advance, especially during off-peak seasons.

Is Castle Combe wheelchair accessible?

Castle Combe is a historic village with narrow streets and uneven surfaces, which may pose challenges for wheelchair users or individuals with mobility issues. While there may be limitations in terms of accessibility, certain areas of the village can still be explored with assistance. It's advisable to contact specific attractions or accommodations in advance to inquire about accessibility options.

Are there public restrooms available in Castle Combe?

Yes, there are public restrooms available in Castle Combe. You can find them near the car park area or within some of the local establishments such as cafes or restaurants.