Castle Combe Race Track Guide

A detailed driver's perspective and walkthrough of Castle Combe Circuit

BMW M1 Procar Racing car in red and white on the track - Castle Combe Race Circuit, North Wiltshire, UK – Photo by Maxime Agnelli | Castle Combe England

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Wiltshire, Castle Combe Circuit stands as a true haven for race drivers seeking an unforgettable and adrenaline-fueled experience. Renowned for its rich history and captivating atmosphere, this legendary race circuit offers an exhilarating and challenging playground for drivers of all skill levels.

At Castle Combe Circuit, the thrill of speed intertwines with the art of precision. The track's unique layout combines high-speed sections that test the limits of horsepower and technical corners that demand nothing short of absolute skill and finesse. From the heart-pounding rush of accelerating down the straightaways to the nail-biting moments of navigating tight turns, every inch of this circuit has been meticulously designed to push drivers to their limits.

But Castle Combe Circuit is more than just a place for racing enthusiasts—it's a sanctuary where dreams come to life. With its rich heritage dating back to 1950, this hallowed ground has witnessed countless motorsport legends etch their names into history. From iconic battles on the track to record-breaking lap times, every corner of Castle Combe race track echoes with the memories of legendary drivers who have graced its asphalt.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur, Castle Combe Circuit welcomes you to embark on a journey where adrenaline meets precision, and where the pursuit of speed becomes an art form. So, fasten your seatbelt, grip the steering wheel tightly, and get ready to immerse yourself in an unparalleled racing experience that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

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Walkthrough of the Circuit

Castle Combe Race Circuit Map, North Wiltshire, UK – Photo by Castle Combe Circuit | Castle Combe England

Map by Castle Combe Circuit

Folly Bend

The first section of the track, known as Folly Bend, serves as an adrenaline-pumping introduction to the circuit. This high-speed corner demands unwavering commitment and bravery from the driver. Negotiating Folly Bend requires not only a keen sense of timing and car control but also the courage to carry maximum speed through the corner, setting up the perfect line for the subsequent sections.

Combination: Avon Rise to Quarry Corner

Approaching this section requires a combination of skills. The fast-paced entry through the kink at Folly seamlessly transitions into Avon Rise, presenting drivers with a crucial decision: when and where to brake. Making an error at this point can have significant consequences. The choice must be made whether to brake before reaching the crest and smoothly go over it, or to apply more forceful braking after the car has settled. Additionally, the ideal line to take will largely depend on the characteristics of the specific vehicle being driven [1].

Drivers who brake later may opt for a more direct, quicker line towards the apex of Quarry. Conversely, lighter, more agile, grippier, and less powerful vehicles typically choose a wider, more traditional line to the left. This allows them to maintain greater speed through the corner, although it does require covering a greater distance.

Combination: The Esses to Old Paddock Bend

After leaving Quarry, you will encounter the Farm Straight which will lead you into the Esses. It is essential to smoothly navigate the entry into the Esses while maintaining your speed through the first right-hand apex. Consider employing gentle braking techniques and taking advantage of the flat kerbing to help maintain your momentum. This will enable you to carry your speed as you approach the second, sharper left-hand apex.

Exiting this apex is crucial as it signifies the start of a lengthy and high-speed section through Old Paddock corner. It is imperative to sustain power throughout this section, from Hammerdown all the way to the subsequent challenge at Tower corner.

Tower Corner

It is important to apply firm braking at this location, particularly because the road descends downhill. As you approach the top of the hill, be ready to initiate your turn sooner than anticipated in order to achieve a fairly late apex. This will enable you to navigate the road's camber early, as it tends to push you towards the outer edge. Following that, closely follow the curb to locate the true apex. Take note of a drain cover as the road slightly inclines. Once you pass that point, allow the car to drift towards the center of the visible exit curb.


Once you exit Tower, you will swiftly approach the second chicane. It is vital to remain attentive and identify the apex at Bobbies, as it will suddenly appear. Despite the slight slight brow in the road, you must brake firmly. This section begins with a rather sharp turn-in, followed by another turn to reach the second apex on the left. You can continue applying the brakes as you approach the corner. Subsequently, allow the car to move towards a wide exit, but exercise caution to avoid overshooting. It is crucial not to be overly enthusiastic at this point, as it can hinder your exit onto Westway. This leads to another lengthy straight where you can easily lose time if you have to recover. Remember, it is better to enter the corner at a slightly lower speed and exit with more speed.

Camp Corner

After Westway, you will come to Dean Straight, which leads to the highly significant and intimidating corner at Camp. This corner is crucial for achieving a good lap time at Combe, as it sets you up for the long rush down to Avon/Quarry corner. The key here is to exit the corner with strength to maximise your lap time.

Just past the pit entry on the left, the road dips and becomes noticeably bumpy. This marks the start of the corner entry, which should be approached with caution. It is important to keep the car balanced, ensuring both speed and safety as you approach this thrilling corner, known for spin-outs.

It is crucial to miss the obvious apex point by the width of a full car. Shortly after, the true apex will come into view. At this point, it is essential to apply power aggressively well before reaching the apex. Allow the car to run wide and long, using Combe's distinctive orange marshalls tower as a reference point to complete your lightning-fast lap.


Driver with helmet in a car on a track day  - Castle Combe Race Circuit, North Wiltshire, UK – Photo by Marc Kleen | Castle Combe England

Photo by Marc Kleen

Castle Combe Circuit provides an exceptional racing experience for drivers. The section from Avon Rise to Quarry Corner is widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging in the country. The combination of high-speed stretches, demanding corners, and technical sequences demands the full attention of the driver and rewards skilful execution. Mastering the fast and undulating layout of the historic Castle Combe Circuit is an accomplishment that fills race drivers with exhilaration and a profound sense of triumph.

Castle Combe Circuit: Where speed meets passion, and dreams become reality.


What and Where is Castle Combe Circuit?

Castle Combe Circuit is a renowned motorsport venue located in Wiltshire, England. It is situated approximately 45 minutes from Bristol Airport and 90 minutes from Heathrow. The circuit hosts a wide range of motorsport events, including thrilling car and motorcycle races.

Can I drive my own car at Castle Combe Circuit?

Yes, Castle Combe Circuit offers track day events where individuals can drive their own cars on the circuit. These events are typically open to both novice and experienced drivers.

Do I need any prior experience to drive at Castle Combe Circuit?

No prior experience is necessary to drive at Castle Combe Circuit during track day events. However, it's recommended to have some basic understanding of driving techniques and track etiquette for a safe and enjoyable experience.

How do I book a track day session at Castle Combe Circuit?

To book a track day session at Castle Combe Circuit, you can visit their website or contact their customer service. They typically have a calendar of upcoming track days where you can choose the date that suits you and register online.

What is the cost of driving at Castle Combe Circuit?

The cost of driving at Castle Combe Circuit varies depending on the type of event and the duration of the session. The track day fees usually include a set number of track sessions or hours on the circuit. Check the circuit's website or contact them directly for specific pricing details.

Are there any restrictions on the type of vehicles allowed on the circuit?

Castle Combe Circuit welcomes a variety of vehicles during track days, including cars, motorcycles, and sometimes even karts. However, there might be specific requirements regarding vehicle safety standards and noise limits. It's important to review the guidelines and regulations provided by the circuit before participating.

What safety equipment is required to drive at Castle Combe Circuit?

For your safety, Castle Combe Circuit requires all participants to wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets and suitable clothing. It's important to ensure your vehicle meets the necessary safety requirements as well. Review the circuit's guidelines for specific safety equipment regulations.

Can spectators attend track day events at Castle Combe Circuit?

Yes, Castle Combe Circuit allows spectators to attend track day events. Spectators can watch from designated viewing areas around the circuit. Some events may have admission fees for spectators, while others may be free to attend. Check with the circuit for more information on spectator access and any associated costs.

Are there any additional amenities or facilities available at Castle Combe Circuit?

Castle Combe Circuit provides additional amenities and facilities for participants and spectators, including food and beverage options, restrooms, and parking areas. Depending on the event, there may also be additional services like professional photography or on-site workshops. Check their website or contact the circuit for specific details regarding amenities available during your visit.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines I should be aware of when driving at Castle Combe Circuit?

Yes, Castle Combe Circuit has specific rules and guidelines that all participants must adhere to for safety purposes. These may include speed limits, overtaking rules, and conduct on the circuit. Familiarise yourself with these rules before driving at the circuit to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.